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One could very easily make the argument that naming an internet porn site “ATK Exotics” and having the them that it is girls from exotic places, as entirely retarded and you would be completely right. In fact it is typical of the geographically clueless Americans to do such a thing.

Why do I say this? Because the internet is available to everyone in the world and therefore, let’s say as example, a Malaysian girl is not at all exotic to a Malaysian browsing porn, in fact it is the most common kind of girl to him since his entire country is laden with them.

That sis however, the statistics show that not only are the greatest majority of people who surf porn actually from North America and Europe but more than 95% of anyone who considers a porn membership are from those regions and thus making these featured girls exotic to almost their entire market. So not so stupid it turns out 😉

So, grab yourself an ATK Exotics discount for 35% off and enjoy all the naked girls you will likely never see naked in your own country or lifetime.

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