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manuelle Let me get this out of the way, you cannot turn an old friend into a sex buddy. It’s just not going to happen.

Old friends are very precious. You have invested a lot of time, effort, emotional energy, and shared experiences into such friendship. You don’t want to flush that down the toilet just because you both decided to have sex. Sure, she may be game for sex. But guess what? Most people can’t divorce their emotions from their physical actions. Somehow, someway, down the line, things will get all emotional, and things will get weird really quickly. Instead of gaining a sex buddy, you end up losing a really good friend.

I’ve seen many guys get destroyed emotionally because of this. Sure, they try to put up a strong front and they try to be tough in front of their male friends. But deep down inside, they’re hurting; deep down inside a little piece of them just died because somebody that they’ve known for all these years is gone from their lives. If you don’t want that to happen to you, you need to know how to turn a friend into a sex buddy the right way.

The right way, of course, involves dealing with new friends. Don’t deal with old friends. Second, make sure that the friendship was developed on the right terms. In other words, there’s some sort of back door, or some sort of understanding that the friendship can be taken to another level. If both these factors are present, then chances are you would be able to turn a regular friendship into a sex buddy relationship using a site like

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